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2018.11.28(WED) ~ 2018.12.31(MON)

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SBI Cosmoney

사이드 메뉴 열기

Overseas Remittance You Can Trust

SBI Cosmoney

Easier international remittance using Fintech!
Experience cheaper and faster transactions
without using intermediary banks.

Enter your transfer amount

South Korea / KRW

Philippines/ PHP 하늘색 화살표

Countries we currently support

Send your hard earned money to the Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia and Nepal.
Remittance service to China will soon open. Expect more countries soon!

  • Vietnam 20,577.40 VND
  • Indonesia 12,894.24 IDR
  • Philippines 46.71 PHP
  • Cambodia .88 USD
  • Nepal 100.91 NPR

* Exchange rate is based on KRW 1,000.

Why SBI Cosmoney?

International remittance with simplified process
and reasonable conditions.

  • Cheep

    Focus on saving

    Up to 80% cheaper than
    bank remittances

  • Speed

    Focus on speed

    Receive money in just 30 minutes to up to one day

  • Safe

    Focus on security

    Leading fintech company that provides safety and security

Remittance made easy

Send money without submitting countless documents. Without the need of activeX and digital certificates, you can send money anytime, anywhere.