SBI Cosmoney

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How to Sign Up?
Click the [Sign Up] button at the top right corner of the homepage to proceed to the member registration page.
After entering your e-mail and password, proceed to e-mail and mobile phone verification.
Email Verification
Enter your e-mail address and password on the registration screen, and click the 'Request Code' button.
A notification email with the verification code will be sent to the corresponding email address. Once you enter the code on the registration screen, verification process will be completed.
Phone number verification
If you enter all the information on the phone verification screen correctly, you will be redirected to SMS verification.
When you click the [Request Code] button, the verification code will be sent to the phone number you entered. After entering the verification code on the screen, phone verification will be completed.
Phone verifications can only be completed using a mobile number under your name.
If you entered incorrect information, it will be difficult to proceed to Personal ID Card and Bank Account verifications. In this case, you need to provide accurate phone number and proceed with the verification process.
Verification of personal identification
[You can verify your ID by clicking [Your name] at the top right corner of the homepage.
Your identity will be verified by uploading a photo of your Korean National Identity Card, Alien Registration Card, Korean Driver's License, or Passport. ID photo will be evalauted and approved within 6 business hours)
Verification may be declined for any of the following reasons, in which case you will need to repeat the process:
  • If the ID photo is blurry and the information on the ID card can not be seen properly.
  • If the ID photo and the member information do not match
  • If the ID photo uploaded does not match the criteria set by SBI Cosmomey
  • If you chose a certain ID verification type but uploaded a different ID
  • If you are a minor (under age 14)
Bank account verification
Go to [Verification Center] to verify your bank account.
  • After entering the bank account information under your name
  • and the ID you submitted when making the bank account, click [Next] button and you will be redirected
  • to 1 won verification page. After clicking [Request Verification Code]
  • 1 won will be sent to your bank account. Sender's name will be [3-digit code+SBICM].
  • You can check it by using internet banking, mobile banking, or by updating your passbook.
  • Please enter the 3-digit code before SBICM.

For foreigners with Korean financial accounts:
SIf the name you registered on our system does not match with your account name, please upload a copy of your bank book.
You can request again for account verification and will be processed within 6 business hours.
I didn't receive 1 KRW in my account.
You cannot receive the code (1KRW) while the bank is having a system maintenance or when SBI Cosmoney's systems are undergoing system upgrade or maintenance.
You should retry after the maintenance period is over.
What is my registered bank account?
Your registered bank account is the account you verified at the time of registration (1 won verification).
You can only deposit using your registered bank account.
If you wish to change your bank account, please proceed to [My Page] or [Verification Center].
I want to delete my account.
If you agree with the items 1-4 below and sent a membership cancellation request to [email protected], the administrator will process your request.
  1. The ID you are using will be removed immediately from the system. If you wish to re-apply for subscription, you need to use a new ID.
  2. Reapplication can only be processed one month after the cancellation date.
  3. Member information and related posts will be deleted.
    • All personal information entered when you signed up for membership will be deleted after membership cancellation, and the deleted data can not be recovered.
    • However, in preparation for the possibility of post-issuance problems, and according to the law regarding the promotion of information and communication network use and protection of information, SBI Cosmoney will keep the following basic information and transac-tion details for a specified period.
    • Records of contract or withdrawal of subscription: 5 years
    • Records of transactions such as settlement of accounts: 5 years
    • Records of consumer complaints or disputes: 3 years
  4. You can only cancel your membership if all of the following reasons have been settled.
    • Remaining transaction balance
    • Remaining pending transactions
I forgot my password
If you forgot your password, proceed to login page by clicking [Login].
At the bottom part, click [Forgot your password?] button and enter your email address. Click [Confirm]. You will receive a password reset link on your email.
I forgot my email.
You should contact the CS hotline, or official Facebook page of each country and talk to a CS representative. 1800-5344, [email protected]
How to edit my information?
You can edit or modify your phone number, bank account, and password by going to [My Page].
I forgot my app passcode.
If you forgot your app passcode, you can delete the app and install again. After re-installation, you can make another passcode after logging in.
I want to change my phone number?
You should contact the CS hotline, or official Facebook page of each country and talk to a CS representative. 1800-5344, [email protected]
I entered incorrect information while signing up.
You can only make a remittance request if your information is correct. If you made a mistake, you should contact the CS hotline, or official Facebook page of each country and talk to a CS representative. 1800-5344, [email protected]
How to send money?
Remittance Process.
  1. Click the [Transfer] button and click the country where you want to send money.
  2. Enter the amount, sender information, and recipient information.
  3. Once you entered all the information, double check all the details and click [Next].
  4. You should deposit the amount on your Virtual Account (from Kwangju Bank) within 6 hours.
  5. After a deposit has been made, the remittance will be processed."
I can't deposit to my virtual account.
There are 5 scenarios where deposit to the virtual account is unavailable.
Please check one of the situations below:.
  1. If you are using another bank account rather than the bank account you registered with SBI Cosmoney
  2. If the amount your are trying to deposit is different from the amount you need to deposit
  3. If you are trying to deposit while banks are having their routine system maintenance
    • Everyday: 23:30~01:00, Every second sunday of the month 00:00~06:00
      Please try making a deposit between 06:00 ~ 23:00
    • [Deposits may be difficult during these hours: Everyday 01:00-06:00]
      Banks usually have their system maintenance during these hours, 06:00-23:30.
  4. If you entered an incorrect virtual account, ofr if you entered other virtual account not in your name
  5. Check if you you deposited over 1 million won in a span of 30 minutes
    • Some ATMs require an interval of 30 minutes before you can deposit an amount over 1 million won.
    How to remit using cash pickup?
    The process for cash pickup is the same as bank transfers.
    However, after the process has been completed, you will receive an SMS with your tracking number.
    You should send or relay the tracking number to the recipient.
    Requirements for claiming the money are as follows:
    • Philippines : Tracking number, recipient's phone number, 1 valid ID (if the teller asks which bank is used to process the remittance, please tell the teller that it is processed through DBP Remittance System)
    • Cambodia : Tracking number, recipient's phone number
    • Nepal : Tracking number, 1 valid ID
      Where can I check the tracking number?
      After a remittance request have been processed, the sender will receive an SMS with the tracking number. Also, you can check it under [Transaction History].
      Where can I send money?
      As of now, available countries are as follows: Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines, Cambodia, and Nepal.
      We will launch in China and other countries soon. If you want your country to be in our list, please contact [email protected] for more information.
      How to receive the money?
      You can process your remittance through bank transfer and cash pickup.
      1. Bank Transfers : Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines, Cambodia, and Nepal
      2. Cash Pickup: Philippines, Vietnam, Nepal
      I am curious about the transaction limit and transaction fee.
      You can check the yearly limit, per transaction limit, and transaction fees in the [Service Introduction] Page.
      Terms may change according to varioys internal and local partner's circumstances.
      I want to make a refund.
      Refunds can be processed depending on the status of your remittance request
      1. 'Processing'
        If you see this status, a refund will be deemed difficult. However, if you entered an incorrect information, ex. incorrect name of recipient or incorrect bank account number, a refund will be automatically processed. Transaction fee of 5,000 won will be incurred.
      2. 'Arrive in [country of destination]', 'Process completed'
        If you see this status, a refund will be deemed impossible.
      3. Refund Process
        Refund will be credited back to the bank account you regsistered. Refunds can take 2-3 days.
      I want to cancel the remittance request but I already deposited the amount to my virtual account.
      Refunds cannot be processed after you deposited the amount to your virtual account.
      Please double check your remittance request before making a deposit.
      What are the required information in making a remittance request?
      The information listed below should be entered correctly.
      If you entered an incorrect information, or made a mistake, the remittance request can be declined or cancelled. A refund fee will be charged.

      [Sender Information]
      1. Address
      2. Detailed Address
      3. Occupation
      4. Reason for transfer
      5. Source of funds
      [Recipient information]
      1. Last Name
      2. First Name
      3. Address
      4. Nationality
      5. Phone number
      [If sending through a bank transfer]
      1. Bank Name
      2. Bank Account Number
      3. Bank Branch Name (for some banks)
      [If sending through cash pickup agents]
      1. Pickup center/agent
      I entered incorrect recipient information, what should I do?
      If you entered an incorrect information, it will be first directed to the destination country and bank for verification.
      Once proven incorrect, an automatic refund will be processed and will take at least 5 days.
      Please double check all the information before making a deposit.
      My remittance request was declined.
      There are various reasons why a remittance is declined.
      he most common reason is incorrect information entered, or if a sender mistakenly entered and mixed Korean characters and English alphabet, or special characters.
      Please enter all the information according to the guide provided.
      Is the transaction fee included in the advertised rate?
      The transaction fee is not included in the advertised rates. We excluded the transaction fee for the customers to see the real exchange rate.
      Why I cant type in the space provided for the address?
      You have to type the address using English alphabet.
      Korean and other language characters cannot be entered.
      If you don't know your address in English, please check using Click (Search PostCode) 우편번호검색 > Enter your address in Korean > Click (View in English) 영문보기.
      Do recipients need to pay extra fee when they receive or claim the money?
      Absolutely not. Transaction fee is only charged once and will be shouldered by the sender. If the banks or cash pickup agents asks for a fee, please ask for a receipt and call our CS hotline or Facebook page.
      Do recipients need to present an ID when claiming the money?
      Yes, for cash pickup and some banks, recipients need to present a valid ID. Some only require a phone number and tracking number.
      Do I need to provide my ATM card number?
      No. You only have to enter the bank account.
      When can the recipients claim the money?
      Remittance speed varies for every country
      • Philippines
        • [Bank]
          • Remittances made on or before 12 PM will be received on the same day
          • Remittances after 12 PM will be received on the following day
        • [Cash Pickup] 10 minutes

      • Vietnam
        • [Bank] 1 business day

      • Indonesia
        • [Bank] 5 minutes ~ 1 hour

      • Cambodia
        • [Bank] 5 minutes ~ 1 hour
        • [Cash Pickup] Within 1 hour

      • Nepal
        • [Bank] 1 business day
        • [Cash Pickup] 5 minutes

      Times listed above may change depending on local partners circumstances.
      In transaction history, the order of last and first name is different.
      That's okay. If you entered the information in a correct format, there will be no problems.
      What are your business hours?
      Remittance services through app and web is available 24 hours / 7 days a week.
      Customer Service Operating Hours and Country Hotlines are as follows:

      [Customer Service Operating Hours and Country Hotlines]

      · Weekdays (Mon-Fri) 09:00 AM to 6:00 PM (Lunch Break 12:30 PM to 1:30 PM)
      · Weekends (Sat-Sun) 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM (Lunch Break 01:00 PM to 02:00 PM)

      - Hotline : 1800-5344
      - Filipino/English : 010-4496-5344
      - Vietnam : 010-4495-5344
      - Cambodia : 010-4428-5344
      - Indonesia : 010-4497-5344
      - Nepal : 010-4418-5344
      When is server maintenance period?
      Everyday at 23:30 ~ 01:00 / Every second sunday of the month 00:00 ~ 06:00
      I can't receive SMS notifications.
      If you are not receiving SMS notifications, please check the following.If the problem persists, please contact the customer service.
      1. If you're applied for SMS spam filtering, please cancel it by calling 1800-5344
      2. If you have a spam filtering app, please consider deleting it
      3. If you are using a prepaid sim without balance, please consider topping up
      4. If you change your phone number, please contact the customer service center.
      What is 2-Step Verification?
      In addition to entering your password, 2-step verification is a procedure using Google OTP and SMS to check whether you are the real holder of the account.
      It is highly recommended to use 2-step verification to provide added security.
      How to install Google OTP
      Download the "Google OTP (Authenticator)" app from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.
      Click on [your name] at the upper right corner of the homepage and click the [Use] button in the [Google OTP] menu.
      To verify your identity, a QR code will be issued after SMS verification is completed. Scan the code using the app and enter the verification code shown in the app on the screen.
      How to use points?
      1 point is equivalent to 1 won. You can use it for transaction fee.
      How to use coupon codes?
      1. Coupon registration on web/mobile web: Login> Click [Name] > MyPage > Point/Coupon > Enter coupon code.
      2. Coupon registration on mobile app: Login> Settings > My Points > Enter coupon code.