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Transaction fee

Up to 90%

cheaper than banks
Fast! Easy!

Overseas Remittance

SBI Cosmoney’s overseas remittance service eliminates the shortcoming and tradeoffs of traditional remittance services. Now, you can send money internationally in a safe and secure manner with the utilization of secure blockchain technology. We currently support 12 countries in Asia, Europe, Oceania, and North America.

Why SBI Cosmoney?

  • Cheap

    Low transaction fees

    Unlike traditional remittances that require multiple fees, our transaction fees are cheaper because we do not use the services of an intermediary bank.

  • Speed

    Faster transfer time

    Complicated procedures for overseas remittance have been streamlined.
    Depending on the country of transfer, we can provide real-time remittance service and provide fast money transfer service.

  • Safe

    Safest technology

    The easier it is to send money, the more safety and security you need. SBI provides maximum security and data encryption for a worry-free remittance.

Transfer Procedure

  1. Sign-up


    Sign-up using your email or phone number, and verify your identity using your ID and bank account.

  2. Remittance Request

    Remittance Request

    Click [Transfer] and enter the remittance details. Deposit the exact amount to the virtual account provided.

  3. Process completed

    Process completed

    You can check the progress of your remittance in [Transaction History], and we will notify you by SMS when the remittance is completed.

Transfer limit

USD 5,000 per transaction,
USD 50,000 per year

(Legally, Transfer limit)

The minimum / maximum amount of remittance may vary depending on the country's laws / regulations and the cooperative bank's circumstances