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SBI Cosmoney Co., Ltd.

SBI Cosmoney is a member of the SBI Financial Group of Japan.
It was formed through a joint venture with SBI Fintech Solutions (950110), a KOSDAQ listed company,
and CoinPlug, a leading domestic blockchain technology company.

SBI Remit Co., Ltd., an affiliate of the same SBI Group which started operations in 2011,
is the current market leader in overseas remittance industry in Japan with remittances amounting to approximately 1.4 trillion Won in 2017.
We will continue the legacy of providing excellent products and services in Korea through this know-how and utilizing the international network within the group.

  • SBI Remit
  • SBI Fintech Solutions
  • Coinplug

Greetings from the CEO

CEO Jeong Wook Kim

Korean government’s initiative to open the remittance market to non-bank fintech companies means more than that people don't need any more to go to commercial banks for international money transfer.

Korea now hosts 2 million foreign residents, and is expected to reach 3 million in the year 2021. A significant number of working population will be filled with workers from neighboring Asian countries, and the growth rate will increase in proportion to the fast-aging Korean society. Along with this, the paramount mission of our company is to provide a convenient and reliable financial infrastructure for the primary movers of our economy.

In addition to the foreign workforce, Korean diaspora around the world exceeds 7.2 million, including 200,000 Korean students who studying abroad. It is also our company’s mission to provide a safe and secure remittance services for them.

With fintech and blockchain technology as its foundation, and backed by leading companies from Korea and Japan, SBI Cosmoney pledges to provide superb customer satisfaction in the remittance industry. To our valued customers and business partners, I would like to ask your continuous cooperation and patronization.

Company Overview

SBI Cosmoney Co., Ltd.
Business Information
Overseas Remittance Service
(Registration No. 2018-1)
Jeong Wook Kim
Date of Establishment
Paid-in Capital
7 billion won
SBI FinTech Solutions 97% /
CoinPlug 3%