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SBI Cosmoney Co., Ltd.

SBI Cosmoney is a specialized fintech company for international remittances established by SBI Fintech Solutions (950110), a company listed on the KOSDAQ. As part of the SBI Financial Group, which has over 230 subsidiaries and affiliates in more than 20 countries worldwide, SBI Cosmoney utilizes a strong global network to provide economic and rational international remittance services.

Since its launch in 2017, SBI Cosmoney has quickly established itself as a trusted remittance service for both domestic and foreign users, continuing its efforts towards financial innovation and customer satisfaction. We invite you to experience a new dimension of international remittance services with SBI Cosmoney.

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Greetings from the CEO

CEO Jeong Wook Kim

Despite the ongoing challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, the number of foreign residents in the country has consistently increased, surpassing 2.2 million. It is anticipated that by 2024, with foreigners accounting for over 5% of the total population, South Korea will enter the realm of multicultural nations. Meanwhile, with approximately 7.5 million Koreans living abroad, South Korea stands as a significant hub where the convenience of international remittances is in high demand.

The mission of SBI Cosmoney is to provide a user-friendly financial infrastructure to global users, namely, our customers, and to support more affordable and convenient international remittances. We prioritize enhancing customer happiness and convenience by reducing unnecessary material and emotional consumption experienced by customers during the international remittance process.

SBI Cosmoney will continually strive to provide the best service through constant innovation, placing the ultimate value on improving customer happiness and convenience by minimizing unnecessary burdens. We sincerely ask for the continued interest and support of our customers and collaborative partners.

Company Overview

SBI Cosmoney Co., Ltd.
Business Information
Overseas Remittance Service
(Registration No. 2018-1)
Jeong Wook Kim
Date of Establishment
Paid-in Capital
7 billion won
SBI FinTech Solutions 100%